Westender Inn

About Us

Since 1983, two generations of the Brewer family have slowly created a beautiful oasis from what was once a raw piece of land. Originally, The Westender Inn was known as Hog Heaven Hotel.

At The Westender Inn, the owners, staff and managers are committed to having as small a carbon footprint as we possibly can, while still striving to attain our mission:
• to help our staff attain their highest potential through training and continuing education,
• to offer our customers fair value for their travel dollar and a genuine Jamaican experience, and
• to develop the best boutique hospitality product anywhere.

For more than 30 years, we have consciously endeavored to be more “green” by composting all yard and kitchen waste for our vegetable garden and fruit trees, conserving water by storing, filtering and reusing rain water, reusing well-water for flushing toilets, and implementing neighborhood trash removal and recycling programs.

The Westender Inn is also committed to the conservation of Jamaica’s beautiful coral reefs by spearheading a nation-wide campaign for the social acceptance of capturing and eating lionfish, an invasive non-native species of fish, including distribution of delicious recipes.

Currently we have system-wide solar hot water and are using only energy saving bulbs throughout the property along with LED solar exterior lighting. Most recently, we have invested in new green technology by instituting a 10kw photovoltaic (solar) system for electrical production.

Finally, we are currently awaiting National Environmental Protection Agency (“NEPA”) approval to regrow a reef directly in front of the property. If we gain approval, the Westender Inn will have the only living reef on the island.

We sincerely hope you share our passion for the protection of Mother Earth and encourage you to do all you can to help to sustain her.